Sunday, October 26, 2008

October in Seattle

My mom had been pressuring me to start a blog forever as a way to express my creativity. I think maybe it will also be a good way to express myself in general. Right now I'm unemployed in the beautiful Emerald City, which actually is beautiful today. The sun is shining the leaves are changing color and I'm going to imagine that birds are chirping even though I am actually inside and couldn't hear them if they were.
I'm trying to decide what to do for Halloween this year. Last year I threw together the costume of a traditional Polish maiden in one day. I have no ideas for this year though. If I make one I will be sure to post a picture. Eventually I will hopefully also get pictures up of my projects and paintings.
I'm planning to carve a pumpkin tonight so stay tuned for a spooky jack o' lantern pic!