Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Crows Encounter

Halloween was fun, went to a party and enjoyed myself, though I was home by midnight (didn''t want to turn into a pumpkin!) Here is a picture of me in my angel costume with my chihuahua Pepe.

I made the tulle skirt (which of course isn't visible) and the wings were kindly given as a gift last Christmas by my dear friend Seana.

Pepe is looking at my friend Sara who declined to go to the party with me arguing a lack of costume. When I offered to dress her up as a polish maiden (my costume last year) she declined, I can't imagine why.

However that was not the most exciting thing t0 happen to me this weekend.
Yesterday while walking home from my painting class (I'll post my painting later this week), I stopped for a bag of tortilla chips at the grocery store. It's only two blocks from the store to my house and halfway there I noticed a crow hopping along in front of me as though perhaps he was fluttering away from me from perch to perch. Then I came even with him and he kept pace beside me for a little ways. Finally I passed him and was walking along minding my own business, when I felt a whack in the back of my head followed by the sound of fluttering wings.
I turned around and asked the people behind me if I had just been hit in the back of the head by a crow. Laughing they confirmed that I had and said the crow had been following me for at least a block. I pretended to shake my fist at the bird and asked "what did I ever so to you?" before continuing on my way, whereupon I was hit in the back of the head again.
After that I made sure I was facing the crow at all times, and while he fluttered at me a few times more, he didn't run into me again. He followed me all the way home and then hopped onto my porch when I went inside.
Thinking better of it I went back outside and gave him a tortilla chip, reasoning that either a chip was what he was following me for, or else it was the spirit of someone I knew in bird form and I should be nice to them.

I wrote an e-mail to a bird watcher friend of mine and perhaps she will have some ideas why this would happen but I have already found two friends to whom this has happened so it isn't all that rare. And here I thought it was a sign from the universe that I should start reading tarot or check to make sure all my friends were okay. At any rate I was afraid to leave my house for the rest of the day for fear that he would be waiting for me.