Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Trip to San Francisco

Spring has come surprisingly early this year in Seattle. As early as the beginning of February we started seeing blossoms that usually wait until march to show up. It’s been a nice year so far.

This March I decided to do a little more traveling to the party of my friend Ryan who lives down in San Francisco, a city to which I have never been before. Now I know some people fall in love with San Francisco right away or say it is their favorite city, but I have to say that SF did not grab me in any particular way. I found the architecture strange (I like to see out four sides of a house) although the people were nice and it was fun to be a tourist in a new place. I even went on a Ride the Ducks tour which was a lot of fun, they even let me drive the bus (when it was a boat). I might even do it in my own city now!

Ryan and I tried to pack a lot of sight seeing into the first 48 hours so I spent the first couple of days completely exhausted, but I got lots of cool pictures and met lots of nice people, plus he lent me his super comfy bed and was gentlemanly enough to take the couch. The party was great with dancing, speeches, desserts and lots of really warm feelings.

I really enjoyed a trip to Chinatown with Ryan (despite the fact that I had just lost my wallet and all my money). We puttered around the very busy district stopping in Portsmouth Square to watch Chinese people gamble (and as Ryan pointed out also pick their noses [not that everyone doesn’t do that, just not always in a park]). I did some shopping with the money he was nice enough to loan me until I could get home and we found a street named Waverly after my mother. Also Purple Donkey had his picture taken.

More than anything I am looking forward to being back home with my sewing machine and my silk, moving forward on my Victorian dress project. I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures here of my progress so look forward to a future installment with more info on the Victorian Opera Dress Project.