Friday, January 21, 2011

Still Around

I'm still around, I just don't feel like I have had anything new and important enough to blog about lately. Mostly what I do now is tango, tango and more tango. Which after all is pretty exciting. Since March of 2010 I have been devoting somewhere between 8 to 10 hours a week dancing and practicing tango. Because of this intensive work, I am making pretty good progress as things go.

The one problem with dancing tango is that I suddenly feel the need to acquire pairs and pairs of really expensive shoes and lots of new dance clothing. Tango shoes (especially the classic Comme il Faut, which are handmade in Buenos Aires) can cost upwards of $200 and I have found a
seller on Etsy who makes gorgeous tango skirts and tops but not for cheap (see the grey tango skirt at left). I don't know why
I cant just make my own tango clothes, but I feel an overwhelming urge to purchase them. I think I may have an addictive problem. Yikes.

I am also attending the opera pretty regularly and am looking forward to the Barber of Seville which is Saturday the 29th (plus I have a hot date to take along which never hurts). The last opera I saw, Lucia de Lammermoor, was stunning. Truly the best opera I have ever seen. The sets, the costumes, the singing were all phenomenal. Bravo Seattle Opera, bravo.

My favorite thing about going to the opera is people watching. I love the intermissions,
when I can sit and look at all the different outfits people have chosen to wear. The clothes range from Seattle Casual to fully decked out ball gowns complete with fur wraps (a sight not often seen in super P.C. Seattle). Some are whimsical and others classic but the most fun is playing spot the fashion disaster. There are always a few walking around. I also always make a
point of finding a beautiful outfit to compliment. I know it always lights up my day when a stranger does the same for me.