Saturday, June 6, 2009

Went to Hawaii!!

I went to Hawaii! It was fun! I stayed in Honolulu right off of Waikiki Beach. Of course I broke my toe right before I left, because I was so excited to be going to Hawaii that I ran around the apartment in my flip flops and hit my toe against something!!! How stupid!anyway it was beautiful and I did have fun. It wasn't too expensive $450 round-trip to Honolulu (you can't beat that) and the hotel was only $70 a night 5 minutes from the beach. I had a great time. Next time Maui!

Here are some pictures. You can see my friend Wren drinking from a fresh cracked coconut that some guy opened for us on Sandy Beach. A picture of downtown Honolulu and me at Waikiki Beach looking tan and fabulous. Hooray for walking! I finally hit my goal weight just in time for Bikini season.